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"Do not find fault, 

           find a remedy "  


Welcome to Margaret M. Koesel & Co.

Margaret M. Koesel & Co. strives to help parties resolve disputed matters by tailoring the dispute resolution process to the parties' needs.  As both a mediator and arbitrator, Peggy demonstrates the patience and perseverance necessary to help parties resolve their disputes.

As a mediator,
Peggy helps parties 
promptly resolve
a matter, working with them to negotiate an 
optimal resolution,
in a respectful, 
productive environment.
As an arbitrator,
Peggy manages the arbitration process in a manner so the parties benefit from her efficiency and fairness.
Legal Advice

Meet Peggy Koesel

An independent professional neutral with Margaret M. Koesel & Co., Peggy Koesel devotes her mediation practice to working with parties in conflict to resolve disputes before litigation starts, or at an appropriate time during a litigated matter.  

Peggy also arbitrates employment disputes, working with the parties throughout the process thoughtfully and efficiently.

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"I like to listen;

I have learned a great deal

from listening carefully.... "

~ Ernest Hemmingway

"If we manage conflict constructively, we harness its energy for creativity and development"

~Kenneth Kaye

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