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One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears

- by listening to them."

~ Dean Rusk


Mediation allows parties to resolve their disputes privately, quickly and less expensively than drawn-out litigation.  Peggy focuses her mediation practice on employment, non-compete, employee benefit and business disputes.   Mediation is an especially effective method to settle these disputes as it allows for party control, confidentiality, speed, and simplicity.


Mediation is a party-driven process, but as a mediator who has trained with nationally recognized thought leaders in conflict resolution Peggy's knowledge, skill, experience, and style may have a substantial impact on the resolution of the dispute.

Peggy works to help those in conflict find areas of agreement and help the parties agree on a result.  Peggy is committed to listening and working with all participants.  She takes the time to look beyond the constraints the parties perceive and apply available resources to sort out those barriers to resolution. She works tirelessly to help the parties close their case and is committed to resolving the dispute with patience and tenacity.


As Peggy has discussed with many participants, mediation is among the best alternatives to a litigated dispute because it allows the parties to do more than win or lose.  It gives them the opportunity to decide among themselves how to resolve their conflict and the terms on which they will resolve it.


Peggy is a member of the Employment Panel of the American Arbitration Association.

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